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Probate (also known as estate administration) is the process of settling the estate of a deceased person. If the person owned any property in his or her sole name, regardless how little, there will be some action required to satisfy the laws of Maryland. This is true whether or not the deceased person had a Last Will and Testament. In both cases there would be a probate proceeding. When there is a Last Will and Testament, that document spells out how the person’s property will be distributed. When there is no Will, the State of Maryland’s “plan” determines how the property is distributed. Except for a document or two at the outset, the procedures to be followed after the estate has been opened is the same regardless of whether the deceased person had a Will.

At the law office of Martin W. Snyder, LLC, we represent people who have been designated in a Will to serve as the Personal Representative (formerly known as "executor/executrix") of the estate of a person who has died, or a person who wants to ask the Court to be appointed as Personal Representative when there is no Will.

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Representing the Personal Representative

If you have been named as the Personal Representative of an estate, you have an important responsibility ahead of you. The requirements and terminology of a probate proceeding can seem foreign to the average person. Mistakes can be costly and lead to disputes among family members. To ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible, your first call should be to an experienced Maryland probate attorney. We represent clients in Maryland, as well as those in other states who need to probate an estate in Maryland. The average probate proceeding in Maryland takes approximately one year from start to finish. The actual length of time depends on circumstances such as the time of year a person died (due to the need to file their final income tax returns), assets that may be difficult to sell, the degree to which the deceased person’s records were organized, the diligence of the Personal Representative, and, unfortunately, whether family members cannot agree on how things should be done.

Attorney Martin W. Snyder has assisted families with probate and estate administration for more than 30 years. In addition to Personal Representatives, we represent heirs and beneficiaries who need a skilled attorney to supervise the probate process or to help resolve mismanagement of an estate by someone else.

Do I Have To Go Through Probate?

Certain assets can be distributed directly to beneficiaries without the need for probate. Examples include assets held in trust, jointly owned property, life insurance policies and other assets with a designated beneficiary. Sometimes these methods of titling, though easy to implement, can create potential problems or actually defeat one or more of your planning objectives. We will review your assets and goals and help you decide whether avoiding probate is desirable in your circumstances. If it is, we will implement a plan that will minimize or eliminate probate using strategies that produce a coherent and cost-effective plan. Following the advice of your neighbor or a bank teller, who do not have a comprehensive understanding of your assets and objectives, can have implications beyond the mere transfer of funds outside of the probate process. In fact, some overly simplified arrangements can create difficulties between family members or complicate the ability
to meet obligations to creditors, a funeral home or the tax authorities. The best approach and result can be accomplished with the proper guidance from an experience estate planning attorney.


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