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Estate Planning

Estate planning is about more than ensuring your property gets to your intended beneficiaries in the most cost-effective way after your death. It is also about protecting your assets while you are alive, deciding how decisions will be made in the event of your disability, and protecting the interests of your children and vulnerable adults from personal and financial risks resulting from divorce, addictions, or spendthrift tendencies.

At the law office of Martin W. Snyder, LLC, we will take the time to listen to your concerns and craft a personalized estate plan to meet your goals. With offices in Frederick and Rockville, we serve clients in Frederick County, Montgomery County and the surrounding areas in Maryland. Call 301-662-0007 to schedule a consultation.

The following are some of the components of a complete estate plan:

  • Will: A Last Will and Testament has long been the staple of estate planning. Depending on your circumstances, a simple Will may be all you need, when combined with a power of attorney and advance directive.
  • Trusts: Trusts are powerful estate planning tools you can use to meet goals such as avoidance of probate, minimization of taxes and protection of assets intended for the care of a minor or disabled person.
  • Power of attorney: Many people are incapacitated for a period of time before they die. Powers of attorney for health care and finances can help you plan for these circumstances. Without a power of attorney, your loved ones would have to go through the time and expense of a guardianship proceeding to do simple things like paying your bills and giving instructions to your doctor.
  • Advance directive: In addition to the health care power of attorney, a Living Will can be an important part of your estate plan at any age. It allows you to express your wishes about the treatment you would either want to receive or prefer not to receive in various end-of-life situations.

Estate planning begins with a thorough review of your assets and personal circumstances, your beneficiaries and the legacy you wish to leave behind.

Emergency estate planning: Sometimes the need for estate planning arises from a crisis, such as a health problem or the need to place a family member in a nursing home. We offer home, hospital and nursing home visits.

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Estate Planning & Probate Services


There are numerous types of trusts, but the one about which clients most commonly inquire is the revocable trust.

Planning For Incapacity

Planning addresses a broad range of scenarios that can impact a person's care and his or her assets both during life and after death.

Asset Protection

The desire to protect assets often extends beyond concerns related to taxes. At times, the objective is to protect assets for one's own benefit.

Tax Planning

Our tax planning services focus primarily on the effective use of our clients' estate and gift tax exemptions, and strategies to transfer assets.

Charitable Planning

Charitable giving in the context of estate and gift tax planning takes many forms, and as with most tax planning, ranges from simple, outright gifts and bequests...

Entity Creation

Partnerships...We also assist in creating Corporations and Limited Liability Companies for traditional income tax and liability protection purposes.

Estate Planning And Probate Services

Personalized Estate Planning and Probate Services tailored to your family's specific circumstances and needs, your assets and your goals.

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