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Personalized Estate Planning
Serving Frederick, and Montgomery Counties, Maryland and the surrounding communities

Wills & Trusts

Writing a will is an intensely personal process. The distributions you choose will impact your family for years to come.

No matter your age or the size of your estate, everyone can benefit from a last will and testament. Read more about Wills & Trusts.

Estate Planning

Too many people put off or avoid planning their estates.

Without an estate plan your assets will be distributed the way the State of Maryland has decided they should be. The absence of a plan will likely also strain family relationships. Learn more now about Estate Planning.

Probate Services

I have many years of experience managing probate estate and trust administration issues.

The depth and breadth of my experience enables me to help clients with a wide range of probate and trust administration issues. Read more about Probate.

Practice Areas

Estate Planning & Probate Services


TThere are numerous types of trusts, but the one about which clients most commonly inquire is the revocable trust.

Planning For Incapacity

Planning addresses a broad range of scenarios that can impact a person's care and his or her assets both during life and after death.

Asset Protection

The desire to protect assets often extends beyond concerns related to taxes. At times, the objective is to protect assets for one's own benefit.

Tax Planning

Our tax planning services focus primarily on the effective use of our clients' estate and gift tax exemptions, and strategies to transfer assets.

Charitable Planning

Charitable giving in the context of estate and gift tax planning takes many forms, and as with most tax planning, ranges from simple, outright gifts and bequests...

Entity Creation

Partnerships...We also assist in creating Corporations and Limited Liability Companies for traditional income tax and liability protection purposes.

Estate Planning And Probate Services

Personalized Estate Planning and Probate Services tailored to your family's specific circumstances and needs, your assets and your goals.

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